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  • The fastest and easiest way to remove moderate scratches and  surface imperfections
  • This can remove many moderate to heavy surface imperfections
  • Works like a compound, a polish and a cleaner
  • Eliminates surface imperfections
  • Wax and silicone free


Scratch and Swirl remover is not a cover up product, a glaze, a wax or a quick solution. It is the 100 percent body shop safe scratch and swirl remover that does just that remove. Scratch & swirl remover is the one step solution for a variety of paint problems. ACU bead this superior diminishing body shop safe product works like a compound then becomes a polish. Will remove many moderate to heavy surface imperfections and 1500 1700 grit sand scratches, swirls, scuff marks spider webbing and most surface imperfection.

Chemical Guys VSS 16oz

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