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  • Clean hard-to-reach areas easily
  • Bend and flex to fit into tiny spaces
  • Built from the highest grade wool
  • Safe on wheels and rims of all finishes
  • Kit includes 3 brushes - 19 inch, 12 inch and 8 inch sizes


The Wheel Woolies Wheel Brush Kit allows you to clean wheels and hard to reach areas safely and easily. These brushes are easy to fit anywhere. They are designed and built from the highest grade wool and are safe for all rims and wheels regardless of the finish or shape. Wheel Woolies bend and flex into tight places to remove dirt and grime. These brushes can be used for more than just wheels and rims, they can be used to clean grilles, louvers, vents, motorcycle engines, pipes, boat fixtures and anywhere regular brushes don't fit. The long handle on each brush enables you to reach areas that simply could not be cleaned before. These brushes are the safest, most effective way to clean automobile wheels. These wheel brushes come in 3 different sizes - 19 inch with 3 inch diameter head, 12 inch with 2 inch diameter head, and 8 inch with 1 inch diameter.


Chemical Guys 3 Pack Wheel Woolies

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