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  • 5.5" of soft and scratch-less bristles
  • Flexible spine allows you to bend the brush to any angle
  • Works great on wheels, rims, grilles, vents, brakes, exhausts, and other narrow spaces
  • Rubber tip reduces the chances of scratching your wheels
  • Clean deep in the barrel, brake calipers, inner wheel rims, behind spokes, and exhaust pipes


Blast off to a new a level of clean with the all new Chemical Guys Little Red Rocket Brush! This innovative design allows you to clean even the smallest and hardest to reach areas with a simple bending of the brush. The rubber wrapped metal spine allows this petite brush to twist and contort to any shape and angle if needed, without scratching the sensitive finish. Use all 5.5" of the soft bristled brush to effortlessly scrub around brake calipers, inner wheel rims, and behind wheel spokes of even the smallest diameter wheels. Don't need the angle? Simply keep the spine straight and use as a regular wheel brush for maximum penetrating action in the tightest crevices. No two wheels are the same, but now there's a single brush to clean them all with the Chemical Guys Little Red Rocket Brush.


Chemical Guys Little Red Rocket Wheel Brush

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