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  • Fits all drills
  • Meant for intense scrubbing of hard surfaces
  • Removes heavy grease, grime, mold, loose paint and blisters
  • Cleans carpet, fabrics, upholstery, seats, wheels and much more
  • Lifts and extracts spots from leather, fabric, upholstery and carpet


The Heavy Duty Carpet Brush with Drill Attachment can be used to clean carpet, fabrics, upholstery, seats, wheels and much more. The high speed rotation of the drill combined with the highest quality premium heavy duty brush lifts and easily extracts spots from leather, fabric upholstery and carpet. This heavy duty brush is made of 100 percent polypropylene which is the most durable material for brushes. For best results, always wash the surface with water then spray or apply your cleanser or soap. Tilt the rotating brush at approximately 15 degrees from the vertical. Too much angle results in only a small portion of the brush being used. Too little angle or flat on the surface lessens the cleaning results and causes the brush to wobble. Wash off the surface with water, check for spots that may have been missed and repeat if necessary. Always wear face and body protection while using this drill brush. Be sure that the brush's steel insert shaft is firmly fastened in the drill chuck. Always use a properly grounded machine with a maximum RPM of 3,500.


Chemical Guys Red Drill Brush

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